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SourceForge projects
Thinking in Tkinter An introduction to some basic Tkinter programming concepts
EasyGui A package that makes it easy to give your Python application a basic GUI
Accessible HTML Tables A discussion of how to make Section 508 compliant HTML tables
Event-Driven Programming "Event-Driven Programming: Introduction, Tutorial, History"
Introduction to Parsing Some notes on how parsers and compilers work

Other stuff
Python Conquers the Universe my Python blog
Debugging in Python An explanation of how to use the Python debugger (blog)
Python Gotchas Python features that behave in surprising ways
Jackson Methods The Jackson software development methods — JSP, JSD, the Problem Frames Approach — on
truedate A reliable, portable, public-domain routine for business date arithmetic
Fdate Fdate has been retired. I recommend using pyfdate instead.
pyfdate A Python module that makes it easy to do date formatting and date arithmetic.
pyhat Add a table of contents to an HTML file (Python Html Add Table of contents)

See also the comprehensive English-language source for The Rules of Petanque.
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