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In order to use EasyGui, you must first download easygui.py and put it in some directory where Python can find it.

You can put it in some directory that is already in your PYTHONPATH, or put it in a new directory and add that directory name to PYTHONPATH.

The simplest thing is to put it in your PythonXX/Lib/site-packages directory. Once it is in there, your programs will have no problem finding it.

Downloading the current version of EasyGui

version 0.83 2008-06-12

 * fixed a bug in which fileopenbox, filesavebox, and diropenbox
   were returning an empty tuple, rather than None, when a user
   cancelled.  Thanks to Nate Soares for reporting this and sending
   in a fix.

 * changed enterbox so that by default it strips its result
   (i.e. removes leading and trailing whitespace).
   If you want it not to strip, use keyword argument:  strip=False.

   This change makes it easier to test the results of the call::

		reply = enterbox(....)
		if reply:

 * changed the name of the "button_text" (formerly "buttonMessage") parameter
   to "ok_button" in the msgbox parameters.

Older Versions of EasyGui


This version adds an "image" keyword argument to msgbox, buttonbox, and other buttonboxes such as indexbox, etc.

Code explaining this feature has been added to the tutorial

Note that it can display only .gif images.

Note that this version has some minor backward-compatibility issues.

If you are currently using an older version of EasyGui, you should read the accompanying description of this release before you down load and

HTML files and image files for the tutorial and the pydoc documentation are included in the .zip file. They replace the easygui.txt file that was included in older distributions.

version 0.80 2008-06-02

 * added image keyword to msgbox and buttonbox
   Note that it can display only .gif images.
   see: http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/photoimage.htm
 * improved a lot of the docstrings.
 * added a new abouteasygui() function

 * changed mutable default arguments (lists) to tuples

 * diropenbox, fileopenbox, and filesavebox now execute
   os.path.normpath() on the choice before returning it.
   This fixes a nasty bug/inconvenience for Windows users.

 * In integerbox:
   old behavior: If user cancels, the default value is returned.
   new behavior: If user cancels, None is returned.

   NOTE that this bugfix has the potential to break existing programs.

 * removed the "restore default" button on enterbox.
   It was non-standard and was too long to display properly in
   some environments.
 * default message for buttonbox changed from 
   "Shall I continue?" to just "".

These changes may break backward compatibility.

Note that the following changes may break backward compatibility
in programs that invoke EasyGui functions with keyword
(rather than positional) arguments.

They have been changed in order to standardize keyword arguments,
so that EasyGui functions can be more easily used with keyword arguments.

changed parameter name "message"       to "msg" everywhere

changed parameter name "buttonMessage" to "button_text"

changed parameter name "argListOfFieldNames"  to "fields"
changed parameter name "argListOfFieldValues" to "values"

changed the following parameter names  to "default":

version 0.73 2008-02-10

modified buttonbox, choicebox, and multchoicebox to make all positional args optional and to accept all arguments as keyword args.

This change is backward compatible with previous versions of easygui.

This is a prototype for a feature to be used in all functions in future versions of easygui.


Older revision history

version 0.72 2004-06-20
	fixed a minor bug in the title of the integerbox demo.
	Thanks to Michael Pickup for reporting the bug.

version 0.71 2004-06-04
	added some simple keybindings for scrolling in textbox
	use see() method to insure that keyboard choice remains visible in choicebox
	fixed bug in choicebox, message bar at top expanded when window was expanded.
	in choicebox:
		Permit choices to be a tuple as well as a list
		eliminate side effect of sort on the choices argument
		When it receives non-string elements in the list of choices,
			choicebox now converts them to strings (rather than crashing, its former behavior)
		added Esc key recognition to TextBox
		added selectAll and ClearAll buttons to multchoicebox

version 0.66 2004-03-05
	added multchoicebox() function

version 0.62 2004-01-22
	The example code for error-checking result of multenterbox
	and multpasswordbox was improved.

version 0.61 2004-01-21

	Passwordbox and multpasswordbox were added.  Password box is like
	enterbox, except that the data-entry field is masked with asterisks.
	Multpassword box is like multenterbox, except that the last
	data-entry field is masked with asterisks.

	Integerbox now allows None as a argument for the initial value.

	The default value for the initial value displayed in integerbox
	was changed from 0 (zero) to None.

	Dead code involving __someButtonWasClicked was removed.

version 0.60 2003-08-27

    The cancel (X) box in the titlebar now sounds a bell when mouse
    clicked, and does nothing else.  This means that all dialogs must
    now be closed by one of the programmed choices.

    A third, optional argument was added to msgbox.  This means that in
    a msgbox you can now over-ride the default button text ("OK") if you

version 0.59 2002-01-20
	added argInitialFile support to fileopenbox() and filesavebox()

version 0.58 2002-01-11
	Quit using revision numbers, now using only version numbers

	Added __all__ to reduce namespace pollution.  Thanks for this
	suggestion to Terry Reedy, as well as for other suggestions
	that improved other parts of the EasyGui documentation.

33 2003-01-10
	fixed minor bugs in the demo code and in the documentation

32 2003-01-01
	released revisions 31 and 30

31 2002-12-15
	added multenterbox

30 2002-12-07 version 0.5 revision 30
	added argInitialDir argument to diropenbox

2002-12-01 version 0.5 revision 28
    minor code cleanup

2002-11-30 version 0.5
	added integerbox

	fixed other minor infelicities.  For more information, see the
	source code for easygui.py

2002-09-06 version 0.2
	Keyboard can now be used select elements in choicebox.
	Thanks especially to Martin Franklin, who sent me a code snippet
 	for keyboard selection from a choicebox( Tkinter listbox).
 	It was hugely helpful.  Thanks, Martin!

	easygui 0.2 is incompatible with easygui 0.1 in the following ways:
	dirbox   has been renamed to diropenbox
	openbox  has been renamed to fileopenbox
	savebox  has been renamed to filesavebox

	The order of the arguments for textbox() and codebox() has changed.
	The argument for the text string has been moved from first to third place.
	Now, all boxes are consistent in having message and title as their
	first two arguments.

	enterbox now returns None (not "") if window is closed or cancelled.

 	Many changes and improvements to appearance and functionality.
 	Minor changes to the interfaces for codebox, textbox, choicebox.

 	Fixed a bug in the URL in the documentation in this file
    Added a little more commentary to this file to explain better
    what EasyGui is all about.