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Java & Python side-by-side Why I find I'm more productive in Python than in Java A photograph of Stephen Ferg
Thinking in Tkinter an introduction to some basic Tkinter programming concepts.
EasyGui a package that makes it easy to give your Python application a basic GUI
Fdate "Everything you'd ever want to do with dates in batch files" has been retired.
But you can still do powerful date processing using Python.
pyfdate A Python module that makes it easy to do date formatting and date arithmetic.
Accessible HTML Tables a discussion of how to make Section 508 compliant HTML tables
Debugging in Python an explanation of how to use the Python debugger
Python Gotchas Features of Python that are likely to display behavior different than what you expect
Jackson Methods JSP, JSD, and the Problem Frames Approach -- the Jackson software development methods
Event-Driven Programming "Event-Driven Programming: Introduction, Tutorial, History"
When I was trying to learn event-driven programming, I searched the Web for an explanation of the basic concepts of event-driven programming. I couldn't find one, so I wrote one. This is the paper that I wished I could have found when I needed it.
Diagram Arrangements The layout of a diagram conveys important information about the structure of the domain that is being diagrammed.
parsing Notes on how parsers and compilers work
pyhat (PYthon Html Add Table of contents) add a table of contents to an HTML file

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